Livian's Bio

I'm Livian, otherwise known as Lurve or Larv or whatever else my sisters decide to yell at me. I'll be going into Junior year in high school in the fall. But we're not going to talk about that, because it makes me want to throw up.

So, I like to draw and write and stuff. I'm pretty much an English nerd (like mother like daughter eyyy). If you will sit down and watch a movie with me and help me pick apart the plot and point out character development and pinpoint that one perfect line that sums up the whole thing, you're my new best friend. I've got a novel going. I also like piano and music, though I'm not a choir freak like Avalie and her friends. Seriously, they tried to sight-read the music notes on Avalie's birthday cake this year. Nerds.

My favorite things are probably dark chocolate, a good book (Harry Potter or Percy Jackson, even though I've read those thousands of times), my laptop, my cats, and thunderstorms.

I'm extremely quiet with acquaintances, but if I decide I like you, I'm pretty much the weirdest person. Jk, I take that back, my sisters are weirder than I am, if that's even humanly possible.

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