Melaina's Bio

Hello! My name is Melaina, daughter of Sharla, son of your soul. Gurl. I, Melaina, take responsibility for all craziness throughout the family.

I like cheesecake (no not really) and I'm eleven. Um, I've had lots of experiences in my life that were dumb. It hurts to be the sliver of dumbness in the family. For example, one time I fell off a mailbox into the street because I was holding up a hula hoop for my friend to toss a soccer ball through. *sigh* It feels like just yesterday.

I am very creative. I like to sculpt and draw. (Those things come in a package. They arrive on my doorstep, and I pick them up and pour them into my soul.) I like to use pipe cleaners and make them into something new and cool.

Oh, by the way, Livian's writing this. Livian is my oldest sister. Avalie... *awkward silence*... is a sibling. She has no importance to me. I hate being the youngest person in the family. I am blonde. I'm a little Goldilocks.

I'm dancing. Wait, just a minute. 

I like chocolate. I have three best friends. I'm smart- I get A's in school. I'll be going to sixth grade next year. Actually, this year. Whoa. Cool.

I like "Don't Stop" by Ro Malone, and Taylor Swift songs. Shout out to all my fans from Ninja Infinity!!!!!

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